The Most Memorable Birthday Party, Ever

That's an ambitious claim, but only because we hear it so often! You'll have the entire club for your fun, safe event instructed by our certified coaching staff. You bring the cake, we'll provide an unforgettable experience.

Due to class schedules, parties and private events are limited to Saturdays or Sundays.

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kids fencing at birthday party

What to bring?

We provide all the gear for fencing as well as tables and chairs. Most families bring food, drinks, and decorations. It's all up to you!


What to wear?

Wear breathable clothes and any sort of athletic shoes (no sandals or heels). Long pants are recommended.


Where to go?

We're behind Sounds Stereo (new location) across Highway 31 from the Hoover Publix.

1581 Montgomery Highway #109
Hoover, AL 35216

Your Birthday Agenda

Setting the Stage

Our facility will be cleaned and prepped for your arrival to come setup your decorations, food, etc. before your guests arrive. We'll set out a few foldable tables and approximately 18 chairs. Once everyone's there and we're setup, we'll get started!

Brief Instruction

We'll start with a short review of the sport, the gear we wear, and important safety guidelines. Fencing also requires some unique footwork, but it's easy to learn. We'll quickly review basic moves, a few attacks, and defensive parries, and then you'll be ready for your first bout.

En Garde! Let's Fence!

En garde, ready, fence! The whole group will fence short bouts and rotate often so everyone gets the chance to fence each other with short breaks in between. Pace yourself, think strategically, and have a great time!

Let's Celebrate!

You can only fence for so long! After several bouts, everyone will be ready for food, cake, and celebrating a very special birthday. Take your time and enjoy yourselves! We'll take care of all the equipment and help pack up and clean afterwards.

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