One-on-one instruction is essential to development. Your child will receive personalized feedback, enabling them to progress faster and smoothing their transition to classes. Plus, equipment is included! Read more details about equipment, pricing, etc.

Healthy Living

Mental Health

When properly coached and supported, students thrive both mentally and physically from participating in an organized sport. We've studied countless resources—learning from the best—to foster an environment for your child to flourish.

Physical Activity

While burning approximately 400-800 calories on average, fencing includes bursts of energy to stay active and healthy. We're not bulkiest athletes out there, but we definitely have the speed and endurance as one of the fastest sports in existence.

Coordination & Endurance

Fencing is known for its "neuromuscular coordination," which results in explosive, dynamic power (source). These powerful skills translate to every other physical activity that involves balance, core body control, and hand-eye coordination.

Personal Growth


It is tough being a kid these days. Sports like fencing foster a community to stay focused and build confidence. It's more than a sport, it's a mindset to teach you life-long lessons.

Competition & Scholarship

If your child embraces the competitive spirit, fencing is the perfect avenue to excel over time and earn college scholarship! Fencing is one of the best sports for NCAA scholarships in proportion to the athletes. Earn your way to the top and travel across the globe through local, regional, national, and international level competitions.


Children and teens involved in a sport are statistically happier than those who aren't (source). Ultimately, you want your child to happy to matter what they do. Time and time again, we've seen fencing significantly contribute a child's wellbeing.

Supportive Community

Embracing Community

We're all at different skills level, but we all started in the same place. There are no advantages in fencing, so we work together to set the building blocks for each other and embrace our community.

Peer-to-Peer Coaching

With that community, all of our fencers eager to help one another. Having an outside perspective can shed light on a different angle or new idea for your teammate. Also, ask your opponent at the end of a bout what they saw, how they scored points, and what you can do better. That humility and peer-to-peer coaching is the fast track to success.


Fencing has a strong history of respect and sportsmanship. Each bout starts and ends with a salute, showing respect for one another no matter the outcome. In addition to their opponent, fencers are expected to show that same respect for parents, other coaches, club mates, and referees.

"Daughter wanted to try something new. After one free class she fell in love with the sport."

Amanda, parent

"It's a fun, family-friendly place.  Highly recommended for anyone, at any age or athletic level."

Wes, fencer

"The coaches are amazing and the members are a community. It is a wonderful club to be a part of."

Jenn V, parent

Getting Started


The beginner program is $270 for the first two months, covering personal instruction and classes.

After the first two months, membership (class fee) is $165 monthly and includes:

  • One-on-one coaching during class times
  • Unlimited access to Open Bouting times
  • Access to club equipment
  • Free weapon repairs (excluding cost of materials)

There is a 10% discount for each additional, immediate family member!


We provide your equipment for the first month of membership at no cost.

Towards the end of your first month, you will order your own fencing equipment which includes a mask, jacket, plastron, knickers (pants), glove, wired blade/sword, body cord, and a fencing bag. The total cost is approximately $450, but we can also order the bare basics to start and complete your equipment later if needed.


There are no physical prerequisites, and all classes are designed for men and women. Fencing is often called physical chess, and just like normal chess, you will lose to a 7 year old and a 70+ year old.

Also, we have multiple checks in place to ensure all students receive equal treatment, coaching, and respect from our staff and community. However, if you ever feel something isn't right, as small as it may seem, please talk to a coach immediately. Your safety and inclusivity is our first priority.

Need more details?

Check out our comprehensive New Member Guide curated just for our students and those interested in joining like yourself!

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