The Olympic sport of fencing for youth, teens, and adults

where a sport

becomes a passion

Birmingham fencing club



As Birmingham's prime fencing club, we host the sport of fencing for anyone ages 6 to 96. Our mission is two sided: to promote the sport of fencing and to train the next generation of Olympic fencers. With strategy and execution, fencing is the perfect youth, teen, & adult sport for all sharp minds.  

Led by international Olympic coaches Yuanjing Wang and Hongyun Sun, our staff leads active and inclusive classes to train endurance and strategy for every skill level. Fencing builds your personal growth, physical fitness, and/or the competitive spirit.


New to Fencing?

Fencing is an individual sport where you can progress at your own pace. The sport also helps provide focus, develop physical fitness, and offers a fun challenge. This challenge is creatively adapting to a fast-paced environment. In fact, fencing is the second fastest sport in the olympics next to a rifle's bullet. You won’t find yourself standing in the outfield and waiting for a ball.  In fact, you would never wait while fencing.

Fencing is also a classic sport that has been recognized at the Olympic level since the first Summer Olympics in 1896 and highly regarded as one of the safest sports in existence. In addition to being a fun activity, fencing also offers unique opportunities. For example, it's one of the best sports for NCAA scholarships in proportion to the athletes with the opportunity to attend an Ivy-League university as well as well-know state universities.


Party with Us!

You’ll be the talk of the town with a Fencing Party! We will help host your party or special event at our fencing facility, where your guests can enjoy an introductory fencing session, games and much more.

Most events involve a brief introduction to the sport. After that and practicing some footwork, everyone (ages 6+) is geared-up and starts fencing with supervised rotations. There will be a couple breaks during the 45 minutes to an hour of fencing depending on your time frame and everyone’s stamina.

Events start at $125, but can vary based on the time and number of fencers.

Let us know if you’d like any more information and would like to set a date!