The unique sport & close community for all ages.

This is it. The activity you've been looking for... and there's nothing like it. Fencing is the fun, perfect sport for sharp minds of all ages.

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Finding the Right Fit is Hard

"Team Sports" didn't work out

They aren't a great fit for everyone. Some sports are too intense, while others are a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching. "Team" doesn't always mean community.

Most activities aren't unique

Sticking with a sport is hard when it's generic. Growing up watching the same sports, watching teammates, and watching events gets repetitive and boring.

Nothing was personalized

Generalized group classes assumed everyone was at the same level and had the same goals. Most sports lack individualization and credible coaching focused on the needs of each student, one to one.

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There's a Sport for You

Community First

Our students and their families are what make our community one‑of‑a‑kind. The support, encouragement, and peer-coaching is essential to everyone's success.

Engaging Classes

With group activities, games, and exercises, each dynamic class includes plenty of time to interact with your friends and get one‑on‑one coaching.

Personalized Programs

You need a program tailored to you, your goals, and the ways you learn best. We build out personal goals, milestones, and growth paths for each student with regular checkins and measurable success.

Get Started

We're focused on long-term growth and personalized coaching, and it all starts with your first class.

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Try a Free Class

Come try out fencing! Our monthly Free Fencing event is a ton of fun and a great activity for the whole family!

Join the Beginner Program

Every student starts in the same place. Let's build your core fundamentals that form your own personal style of fencing.

Continue Your Personal Growth

Whether planning for the Olympics or planning for just a fun activity on a weekday, your personal program is aligned accordingly.

"Daughter wanted to try something new. After one free class she fell in love with the sport."

Amanda, parent

"It's a fun, family-friendly place.  Highly recommended for anyone, at any age or athletic level."

Wes, fencer

"The coaches are amazing and the members are a community. It is a wonderful club to be a part of."

Jenn V, parent

Register for Your Free Class

Spots are limited and fill up quickly for our monthly-ish Free Trial class. Sign up and save your spot today for our next class!

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Beginner Youth

Ages 7 to 11

The perfect sport to to stay physically and mentally active while preparing your future for success.

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Summer Camps

Ages 7 to 12

Fun, sanitized, and active fencing camps are a great way to safely be around a handful of others with fun activities!

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Beginner Teen/Adult

Ages 12 and up

A close-knit, encouraging community of teens and adults that are all lively and determined.

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