Summer Camps

We're excited to host summer camps for fencers of all levels. Our Beginner Camps are a great opportunity to try out the sport and get a head start on the Beginner Foil Program. This camp is age limited for kids between 6-12 years old.

Registration Deposit: $25
Camp Fee: $225

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Schedule – What to Expect

Warm-ups & Activities


Each day of camp is going to start with a light warm-up, active stretching to improve range of motion, and a warm-up game or two.

Following the warm-up, we will work on footwork drills and activities that focus on form and distance.



Due to COVID-19, all campers should bring their own lunch to camp.

Fencing & Drills


The afternoon session will begin with a short warm-up period then moving into a short footwork recap, and then blade-work exercises.

Afternoon drills will include practicing against stationary targets, paired drills, tactic drills, as well as rule explanations.

On the afternoon of the third day of camp, we will have a short round-robin tournament for all fencers.

End of Day & Pickup


The day of camp is finished. We will wrap up with some light games, cool down stretching, and a short camp chat to answer any questions that have come up throughout the day.

Ready for Next Steps?

Camps are a great precursor for the beginner program and are designed to foster interest as well as prepare you for group classes. We hope you enjoy the camp and sign up for one of our Beginner Programs!

"The coaches are amazing and the members are a community. It is a wonderful club to be a part of."

-  Jenn V, parent

"It's a fun, family-friendly place.  Highly recommended for anyone, at any age or athletic level."

-  Wes, fencer

"Skilled coaches and a wonderful program! BFC has provided our family exciting new experiences."

-  Grant, parent

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Spots are limited and fill up quickly for our monthly-ish Free Trial class. Sign up and save your spot today for our next class!

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