Summer Camps

We're excited to host summer camps for fencers of all levels. Our Beginner Camps are a great opportunity to try out the sport and get a head start on the Beginner Foil Program. This camp is age limited for kids between 7-12 years old.

Registration Deposit: $15
Camp Fee: $200

Due to COVID-19, all Beginner Camps are limited to 10 campers. Be sure to reserve your spot before they fill up!

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What time?

Our Free Fencing class is about every 1‑2 months at 10:00AM on Saturdays.


What to wear?

Wear breathable clothes and any sort of athletic shoes (no sandals or heels).


Where to go?

We're behind Sounds Great Stereo (new location) across Highway 31 from the Hoover Publix.

1581 Montgomery Highway #109
Hoover, AL 35216

What to Expect

When You First Walk In

Register online and there's no forms and no lines! Simply find a coach and we'll check you in if you have registered beforehand. Feel free to explore around the club and watch private lessons with high-level students likely training in the morning.

How to Move & Groove

Fencing requires some unique footwork, but it's easy to learn. We'll quickly review basic moves, a few attacks, and defensive parries, and then you'll be ready for your first bout.

En Garde! Let's Fence!

En garde, ready, fence! You will fence short bouts and rotate often so you get the chance to fence everyone there with short breaks in between. Pace yourself, think strategically, and have a great time!

Ask Questions

At some point, we were all brand new to this sport, so ask questions! Be inquisitive. Fencing is tactical and strategic. Some of the brightest minds use the same mindset to study fencing as they would study physics, biology, or thermodynamics; it takes patience and effort.

Let's Do It Again

You're just getting started. That rush in the heat of a bout stays with you during every class. Come start your first month of classes or a youth camp and see for yourself how this might be the activity you've been missing.

"The coaches are amazing and the members are a community. It is a wonderful club to be a part of."

-  Jenn V, parent

"It's a fun, family-friendly place.  Highly recommended for anyone, at any age or athletic level."

-  Wes, fencer

"Skilled coaches and a wonderful program! BFC has provided our family exciting new experiences."

-  Grant, parent

Register for Your Free Class

Spots are limited and fill up quickly for our monthly-ish Free Trial class. Sign up and save your spot today for our next class!

reserve your spot