Summer Camps

We're excited to host summer camps for fencers of all levels. Our Beginner Camps are a great opportunity to try out the sport and get a head start on the Beginner Foil Program. This camp is age limited for kids between 7-13 years old.

2023 Summer Camp Schedule:
Session 1: May 29th - June 2nd
Session 2: June 5th - June 9th
Session 3: July 24th - July 28th

Each session is limited to 16 campers.

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Schedule – What to Expect

Warm-ups & Activities


Each day will begin with a warm-up routine consisting of light jogging and running, active stretching, and games and activities to get your energy up!

Following the warm-up, we will move straight into footwork training. From how to stand in en guard, to advance and retreat, we will show you the basics of how fencers move and groove!

Snack Break


All campers will be given a half hour snack break to give them time to eat and let the food digest before continuing on with the rest of the day.

Due to various food needs, we request that you send your camper with their own snack.

Fencing & Drills


The afternoon session will begin with a light warm-up to get everyone moving again. Following the warm-up, we will move on to blade work activities. These will vary between hitting stationary targets, paired drills, and movement drills.

We'll also address rules of the sport, how to score points, and teach the tactics of fencing. And for the afternoon on the last day, we will be having a mini-round robin tournament!

End of Day & Pickup


Camp is over for the day! To wrap up, we conclude each day with some light games and a cool-down period as well as open the floor to any questions the campers have throughout the day.

Ready for Next Steps?

Camps are a great precursor for the beginner program, as we teach many of the same techniques, actions, and strategies that you would use as a beginner fencer.

Join our Beginner Program before September 1, 2024 to receive a special discounted rate!!!

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COVID-19 Protocols

Birmingham Fencing Club is fully open with no restrictions due to COVID-19.

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