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Summer Camps – Beginner & Advanced Fencing Fun!

Find adventure in our Beginning Fencing camps this Summer! Choose from one of four weeks during June, July or August and discover the fun of fencing – the art of fighting with swords. We also offer an Advanced Camp for fencers who would like to develop and refine their skills.

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Birmingham Fencing Club

We provide an opportunity for children and adults to learn the sport of fencing. Our New Address: 1581 Montgomery Hwy, Suite 109, Birmingham, AL 35216.

The Birmingham Fencing Club is an Alabama nonprofit corporation dedicated to instruction in the sport of fencing in the greater Birmingham area.  Coaching is led by Olympic medalist Hongyun Sun and international medalist and Olympic referee Yuanjing Wang.  Before joining the Birmingham Fencing Club in 1998, both were Chinese National Team coaches.

We offer a friendly environment designed to educate students interested in building friendships and fencing recreationally, and also provide opportunities for students seeking scholarships and national or international competition.

Each month, we host a free fencing clinic, allowing newcomers to try the sport!  Click to learn more.

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New to Fencing

The coaches, volunteers and students at the Birmingham Fencing Club understand that starting a new sport requires a spirit of adventure.  Our goal is to make it as easy as possible.

There is not a typical fencing student but many children and adults who try our sport just didn’t seem to enjoy traditional team sports, or contact sports.  Fencing allows students to progress at their own pace.  Many students have interests outside of fencing and they can be as varied those who love math, science, reading, video games or youth orchestra.

Fencing helps provide focus, develop physical fitness, and offers a fun challenge – developing strategies in a fast paced environment.  Standing in the outfield and waiting for a ball is not what you’ll find at a fencing club.

Students begin classes with other students who are also new to fencing.  As they progress into intermediate and advanced classes, there will always be more experienced fencers who are happy to provide advice and guidance.  Our coaching staff has worked hard to develop an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions.

Most classes follow a similar structure, typically beginning with warm-up exercises, which are sometimes in the form of games.  A new skill or strategy will generally be introduced.  At least half the class time will be spent fencing with other students.  There will be classes that involve a mock tournament and other class sessions that focus primarily on a game designed to increase agility, flexibility, teamwork and aerobic fitness.

Here are a few links which provide information.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us.  You will find that other students and parents of students are always willing to help.  Learn More:

Fencing Tournament Schedule & Referee Clinic Information

Join us for Foil, Epee & Sabre Tournaments plus special events like a Referee Clinic, led by Mark Stasinos!

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Give your guests the memory of a lifetime as you host an event where they will experience the excitement of fencing!

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For Our Members

We offer information, helpful tips and convenient features for our members, such as fencing basics, advice on how to prepare for travel to tournaments, and even a simple way to pay fencing tuition (via PayPal).  Click to learn more about fencing and BFC.